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Walid Al-Saqaf

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'''Walid Al-Saqaf''' is a Yemeni postdoctoral researcher with a B.Sc. in computer engineering and a PhD in media and communications. His research is mainly focused on ICTs and democracy. As a member of the technical and civil society community, he co-founded and currently chairs [ ISOC-Yemen], the Yemen Chapter of [[ISOC]]. Walid sits on ISOC's board of trustees where he is a member in the governance and audit committees. As an anti-censorship Arab activist, he started efforts to combat Internet censorship mainly through [ Alkasir], which is a solution he created to map and circumvention web censorship. He has been the first [[ TED]] Fellow from Yemen and is actively engaged in promoting Internet-related grassrouts initiatives through events such as [ TEDxSanaa], which he created in 2012. Al-Saqaf became directly involved in Internet policy discussions when he was selected as a member of the [ Arab IGF] MAG in 2012. Since then, he participated in several Internet-related global events such as the IGF, Stockholm Internet Forum, and the Cyber Dialogue Forum. <ref name="linkedin">[ Walid Al-Saqaf,]</ref>
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