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| industry =
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| founder = [[Ron Jackson]] <ref></ref>
| headquarters=Land O Lakes, FL
| country=USA
'''Domain Name DN Journal''' or "Domain Name Journal" is a an online as well as print news magazine focused on the latest events and developments in the internet domain industry news registration market. The magazine owned by [[is a 100% subsidiary of Internet Edge, Inc]]. It The editor and publisher of the magazine is a Florida corporation involved in web publishing Mr. Ron Jackson. ==History== DN Journal was founded on January 1, 2003 by Mr. Ron Jackson, who is its Chief Editor and domain monetization through several subsidiary companies, including [President. According to his resume published on his personal website <ref> IdealRegistrybio.htm</ref>,]Ron Jackson worked in various positions at different television stations for 20 years. Mr. Jackson subsequently operated a record store business for 12 years. The store closed down because of dropping sales, as customers shifted en masse from buying at music stores to downloading music from the web. The idea to establish a trade magazine for the domain buying / selling / investing industry came to him in the year 2002, when he discovered that "...despite this being a business where tens of millions of dollars were changing hands annually..."; the industry had no mouthpiece of its own, which led to the coming into existence of the magazine. Ever since inception, the focus of the DN Journal magazine is on tracking and reporting the events of domain name sales taking place in the internet market, across all registries and [geographies. The site publishes the year-to-date (YTD) sales of domains for every year on its site <ref> NameNewbieytd-sales-charts.htm</ref>. DN Journal is as of October 2010 a 100% subsidiary of Internet Edge, Inc, of which]Ron Jackson is the President.

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