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The warning notes that the TLD directly refers to its people, communities, and products, and that if anyone is to control the TLD it should be the Indian government.<ref>[ Indians IN,]Retrieved 27 Nov 2012</ref>
===IO Objection===
[[ICANN]]'s [[Independent Objector]] (IO) filed a '''Community Objection''' against the .indians string. The IO is an appointed authority on international law whose role is to object to strings on the grounds of Community harm and Limited Public Interest were detailed in the applicant guidebook. His objections are official objections and are funded by ICANN, though his office is otherwise independent. Reasons for the specific case against .indians were not initially given, but the community objection generally argues that the TLD faces opposition or is contrary to a significant portion of a community which it purportedly aims to serve. The IO must determine: That the community is a clearly delineated community; that there is a strong association between the community and the string applied for; there is a strong association between the segment of the community on whose half we objects and the string itself; and he must determine that the TLD would produce a significant material detriment to this sizable portion of the community.<ref>[ Community Objections, Independent Objector New] Retrieved 14 Mar 2013</ref>
==Application Details==
The following is excerpted from the applicant's response to question #18:

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