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'''.手表''' is an [[IDN]] [[gTLD]] being proposed in [[ICANN]]'s [[New gTLD Program]]. The applicant is [[Richemont DNS Inc.]].<ref>[ Reveal Day 13 June 2012 – New gTLD Applied-For Strings]</ref>
'''.手表''' 是一个国际化通用顶级域名。该域名已被纳入ICANN的新通用顶级域名计划。申请人为Richemont DNS 股份有限公司。
The application was issued a [[GAC]] Early Warning from the representative of Australia and GAC Chair, [[Heather Dryden]]. The warning system is noted as a strong recommendation on behalf of national governments to the [[ICANN Board]] that a given TLD application should be denied as it stands. Applicants are encouraged to work with objecting GAC members.<ref>[ GAC Early Warning,] Retrieved 25 Nov 2012</ref>
The applicant subsequently submitted a [[PIC|Public Interest Commitment]] (PIC), which, in part, states: "To the extent permitted by the ICANN Applicant Guidebook, competition laws and other relevant laws or regulations, Richemont intends to discuss its proposed .手表 (watches) registry operations with third party manufacturers of watches with a view to understanding their potential interest in such a secure, stable, and trusted platform. In connection with its registry operations, and to the extent permitted by law, Richemont will develop transparent, objective, non-discriminatory and qualitative registration criteria for the .手表 (watches) registry. Richemont recognizes that such criteria may be subject to consultation with ICANN and other relevant authorities. However, it is noted that Richemont’s final registration and operational policies will be determined only after careful discussions with other stakeholders and legal advisers."<ref>[ PIC Download,] Retrieved 12 March 2013</ref>
政府咨询委员会(GAC)的澳大利亚代表和委员会主席Heather Dryden女士在该申请提出早期提出了警告。警告一旦提出,则被视为由国家级政府向ICANN董事会提出建议将申请否决。

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