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Graeme Bunton

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|portrait = Graeme-Bunton_Portrait-2013.jpg|caricature = Graeme-Bunton_Caricature-2013.jpg|organization=Tucows|region=North America|country = Canada|stakeholdergroup=Private Sector - Domain Name Industry|affiliation=GNSO|email = gbtongbunton[at]|website = []|twitter =|facebook = online|linkedin = [http Graeme Bunton]|twitter=graemebunton|userbox={{Template:UBX-GNSO-C}} {{Template:UBX-RRSG-C}} {{Template:UBX-ICANNREG}} {{UBX-CARD52}}
'''Graeme Bunton''' has been an Information Specialist at [[Tucows]] since February 2011, where he works in business intelligence, analytics, and reporting. He is also a Senior Web Presence Consultant at nModel Solutions Inc in Toronto.<ref name="linkedin">[ Graeme Bunton], Retrieved 2013 August 17.</ref> Bunton was an original member of Citizen Lab, a Toronto-based digital rights think tank.<ref>[ Inside the 'Notorious' Canadian Internet Company Targeted by the US Government] by Jordan Pearson (March 20, 2015), Vice News. Retrieved December 14, 2015.</ref>
'''==ICANN==Graeme Bunton''' is involved with [[ICANN]] through the [[Registrar Stakeholder Group]] and has been an Information Specialist at involved with [[TucowsIRTP]] -D since February 2011, where he works [[ICANN 46]] in business intelligenceBeijing.<ref>[ Registrar Stakeholder Group Members], analyticsICANN. Retrieved December 14, and reporting. He is also a Senior Web Presence Consultant at nModel Solutions Inc in Toronto2015.</ref><ref name="linkedininterview">ICANNWiki Interview, July 2013.</ref> In May 2013, he said the following about the GAC's safeguard during the ICANN New gTLD Board Committee's request for comment: "The GAC is proposing restrictions upon the new gTLDs which have not been imposed on their own ccTLDs."<ref>[http://cadomainnewsafrica.linkedincom/is-the-icann-gac-right-it-depends-on-who-you-ask/ Is the ICANN GAC right? It depends on who you ask] (May 20, 2013), Domain News Africa. Retrieved December 14,</ref> He serves as Vice Chair of the group's Executive Committee (Excom) since October 2015; the term is set to expire in 2016. According to ICANN, "The Vice-Chair assumes leadership of the Registrar Stakeholder Group inthe absence of the Chairman; monitors and reports on technical issues related to the domain name system; reports on activities of interest and importance to the Registrar Stakeholder Group."<ref>[ Graeme Buntonstaff.php Meet the Registrar Stakeholder Group Staff], LinkedIn.comICANN. Retrieved 2013 August 17December 14, 2015.</ref>
He is involved with ==Resources==* [ Graeme Bunton SOI] at ICANN* [ICANN Graeme Bunton's author archive]] through the at Tucows* [[Registrar Stakeholder Group 3-U.S. says inaction on online piracy risks public safety]] and has been involved with (March 5, 2015), Reuters* [[IRTP]] since [[goods/ US Trade Office Wants ICANN 46and Governments To Help Stamp Out Online Counterfeit Goods]] in Beijing.<ref name="interview">ICANNWiki Interviewby David Goldstein (March 6, 2015), July 2013Domain Pulse* [https://opensrs.<com/ref>blog/2015/06/help-save-domain-privacy/ Help save domain privacy] by Graeme Bunton (June 30, 2015), OpenSRS
== References ==
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