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Greg Shatan

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|country = USA
|email = sashagshatan[at]dnservicesreedsmith[dot]co[dot]zacom|twitter = gs1958gss1958
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'''Greg Shatan''' has over 26 years of experience in intellectual property and transactional law. He has been a Partner at Reed Smith LLP since February 2006. Prior to joining Reed Smith LLP, he was a Partner at Winston & Strawn LLP for 2 years and Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP for 10 years.<ref name="linkedin">[ Greg Shatan], Retrieved 2013 August 9.</ref>
Greg is a member of the [[Intellectual Property Constituency]]. He has been involved with [[INTA]] and the its Internet Committee and new gTLD Subcommittee for eight years. With [[ICANN]], and he has been in the IOCIGO/RC INGO [[Working Group]] since 2012, and he is now in the Policy & Implementation Working Group formed in 2013. He is Previously, he was on the 2013 Policy & Implementation Charter Drafting Team for [[ICANN]](2013), the IOC/RC Drafting Team (2011-2012) and was on the Reserved Names Working Group from 2008 to 2010(2005-2007).<ref name="interview">ICANNWiki Interview, July 2013.</ref>

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