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basing document was added (it is quite important for understanding of the reasons/initial thoughts of the group)
Membership of the Group included GNSO, ccNSO, ALAC, GAC participants (and as an expert on subject of ISO3166, [ Jaap Akkerhuis]).
'''Work done''' Deliberations of the Cross-Community working group were initially based on the [ ccNSO Study Group on the use of Country and Territory Names Final Report]. In it's work Working Group faced few challenges and positively identified lack of consensus in the community on subject of [ Alpha-3 Codes in ISO3166-1], almost the only topic which was agreed upon was status quo on use of so called "2 Chars" ([ Alpha-2 Codes in ISO3166-1]), which are still for ccTLD use only at the Top-Level.
'''Results of the CWG Elaborations'''

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