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New gTLD Objection

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The [[ICC]] charges a non-refundable €5,000 to the applicant and the objector, and the expert's hourly rate is €450. Both parties also pay for administrative expenses, which will not exceed €12,000 for a single expert or €17,000 for a three-expert panel.<ref>[ ICC Fees] Retrieved 13 Dec 2013</ref> Applicants originally reported to ICANN that the ICC quoted some applicants at €50,000 for a single expert and €150,000 for a three-expert panel. ICANN promised to discuss the fees with ICC and they were ultimately reduced.<ref name="netnames"></ref> Details of the ICC's fee can be found here:
* [[Media:Icc_fees.pdf|ICC Fees (PDF)]]
==Public Comments vs. Formal Objections==

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