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Security and Stability Advisory Committee

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* ''Comments'' are the responses received based on the reports created by ICANN groups or other eligible organizations. These comments are usually supplied to public calls.
* ''Advisories'' are concise documents containing useful and clear advice for ICANN and the Internet community. The advisories supply recommendations and solutions for problems and ways to reduce risks and threats. <ref>[ SSAC reporting]</ref>
The SSAC produces Reports, Advisories, and Comments on a range of topics. Reports are longer, substantive documents, which usually take a few or several months to develop. Advisories are shorter documents produced more quickly to provide timely advice to the community. Comments are responses to reports or other documents prepared by others, i.e. ICANN staff, SOs, other ACs, or, perhaps, by other groups outside of ICANN. The SSAC considers matters pertaining to the correct and reliable operation of the root name system, to address allocation and Internet number assignment, and to registry and registrar services such as WHOIS. The SSAC also tracks and assesses threats and risks to the Internet naming and address allocation services.

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