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Michael Deparini

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'''Michael Deparini''' is the Operations Manager for at [[PeopleBrowsr]], which is in charge of the gTLDs [[.ceo]], [[.best]] and [[.kred]]. He has held that position since May 2011, and seeks out partnerships with companies that will help make PeopleBrowsr's suite of products more engaging to its customer base. He is also responsible for product and project management, from conception to delivery.<ref name="linkedin">[ Michael Deparini],</ref>
He is also one of the product managers for [[Social OS]], allowing which allows anyone to turn their TLDs into an instant social network.
[[ICANN 48]] in Buenos Aires was his first [[ICANN]] conference.<ref name="icannwiki">ICANNWiki - ICANN 48 Intake Form, November 2013</ref>

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