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Rajesh Chharia

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'''Rajesh Chharia is a Member of Delhi [[ISOC]] Chapter at Internet Society, President at Internet Service Providers Association of India [[ISPAI]] <ref>[]</ref>, Director at National Internet Exchange of India ([[NIXI]]) Ltd, Owner & C E O at Chandra Indl Co Pvt Ltd and CEO & Promoter at CJ Online Private Limited.<ref>[]</ref>
=== Education ===
He has a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Delhi University and a postgraduate in Commerce Honors. <ref>[]</ref>
=== Career History ===
Beginning his career in his family business of Manufacturing Packaging Materials in 1974 as CEO, he helped the company in moving from strength to strength.
He has been working in the Internet since its very inception (1998) in India. He was one of the first [[ISP]], a very small [[ISP]]of India. From there he started contributing to the Internet community as an Executive Council member of ISP Association of India ([[ISPAI]]) since 2001. His contribution grew to ISPAI as it’s President (since 2006).<ref>[]</ref>
He was the first President of ISP Association of India who ensured presence of India in [[APNIC]] by nominating and supporting election of a ISPAI representative to the EC of APNIC.
He has also managed National, Regional (SE Asia, Asia Pacific) and International events. The very first [[IPv6]] tutorial in New Delhi, India in 2007 was conducted under his stewardship. SANOG 10 was another and one of the most successful training programs in the year 2007. In the same year, the 1st time Internet event of Asia-Pacific magnitude, [[APNIC 24]] was also hosted in New Delhi under his Presidentship of ISPAI.
He was a member & co-founder of [[NIXI]] (National Internet Exchange of India), a not-for-profit organization floated by Internet community of India representing all stake holders managing the exchange points and domain name registry in India. NIXI also supports Internet infrastructure in India like 3 root servers within India, and have IPv6 Test Beds in leading metros of India. <ref>[]</ref>
As a Director of NIXI, he hosted [[ICANN]] in 2008 New Delhi and recently [[IGF]] 2008 in Hyderabad along with ISPAI.
He is also a Member for Taxes as Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), Central Excise & Service Tax under Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India.<ref>[]</ref>
He also contributed by being a member of committees of leading Industry Associations of India like [[FICCI]], [[CII]] & [[ASSOCHAM]].<ref>[]</ref>

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