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.Wedding is a new generic top-level domain targeted to the wedding industry, including couple registries and personalize websites, photo and video services, brands, and wedding industry vendors.
.wedding was delegated to the [[Root Zone]] of the [[DNS]] on the 15th October 2014, completing the successful application for the string.<ref>[ ICANN delegated strings] Retrieved 5th December 2014.</ref>
==Notable Users==
A wedding has often been called the most important day of a couples life, signifying the beginning of a journey bringing two families together as one.
Such an important day deserves to be remembered, and this is now becoming easier with technology (specifically the internet).
Couples can now get their very own web and email address that ends in .wedding (instead of .com) to share their engagement photos, wedding registries, wedding day photos, and videos through their very own webpages.
Additionally, brands and vendors can take advantage of a .wedding web address to have an easy to remember web address that is searchable and clearly identifies what they are all about directly in the URL.
==Current Applicant==
# [[Top Level Domain Holdings Ltd.]] (TLDH), .wedding is one of 68 TLDs that the company has filed for on its own behalf.<ref>[ gTLD Application Update 92 applications submitted,]</ref> This applicant submitted a [[PIC|Public Interest Commitment]], which can be downloaded [ here].
==Previous Applicants==

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