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|logo = Dotparis.JPG‎
|status = proposedContract Signed
|manager = [[Ville de Paris]] (City of Paris)
|country = France
===Community Application===
The application is a [[Community TLD|Community Priority Application]]. The community has been defined in conjunction with the city to include only those individuals and entities that have a verifiable presence or connection to the city of Paris. Registration will require verification of one of the following: their residence or second home, office or place of business, a branch or permanent establishment in the City of Paris, or; a contact listed in the Whois database with a domicile in the City of Paris, or; other appropriate proof e.g. the certification by an employer to enroll at a school or college, or birth certificate.<ref>Application 1-1087-47153. Retrieved 23 November 2012</ref>
==Contract Signed==
On 30 January 2014 [[Ville de Paris]] received a [[Registry Agreement]] signed by [[ICANN]] for .paris after passing all the required processes needed to become a [[Registry Operator]] for the string.<ref>[ Registry Agreements,] Retrieved 03 Feb 2014</ref>
[[Category:TLDs with Registry Agreements|paris]]

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