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Mike O'Connor

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==ICANN Involvement==
Mike Retired from ICANN in the spring of 2014. He was a Member of the [[GNSO]]'s [[ISPCP]] Constituency and briefly represented them on the [[GNSO Council]]. Previously he was a member of the [[Commercial and Business Constituency]], where he was a member of the [[Credentials Committee]].<ref>[ LinkedIn]</ref> His primary focus was on GNSO (and cross-constituency) [[Working Groups]] that deal with the security and stability of the [[DNS]], including the following (in reverse chronological order, except for the IRTP series):
* GAC GNSO Early Engagement Consultative Group
* Inter Registrar Transfer Policy Part A ([[IRTP-A]])<ref>User Submitted</ref>
* Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy Work Breakdown Drafting Team
===ICANN Meetings Attended===
He received his MBA in Finance operations from S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management in Cornell University in 1979. He received his BA in Economics from Grinnell College in 1972.<ref>[ Mike O'Connor Bio]</ref>

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