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'''ICANN 44''' is an [[ICANN Meetings|ICANN Meeting]] held from 24-29 June 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic.
== GAC Participation ==
===ICANN 44===
In September, 2012, a working group related to the [[European Commission]] sent a letter to [[ICANN]] warning that its proposed additions to the [[RAA|Registrar Accreditation Agreement]] would infringe on European Privacy laws. The issues in question are the proposals to make registrars retain data about their customers for up to two years after registration, and by the idea that registrars should re-verify contact data every year. These proposals were discussed and supported by the GAC and the law enforcement voices within ICANN at [[ICANN 44]] in Prague. This is potentially conflicting given that the GAC supported these measures and this pan-European body is coming down against it.<ref>[ European Privacy Watchdog Says ICANNs WhoisDemands Are Unlawful,]</ref>
== Historical Significance ==
ICANN 44 was former CEO, Fadi Chehade's introduction to the ICANN community.

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