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Famous Four Media

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| linkedin = [ Follow us on LinkedIn]
| twitter = famousfourmedia
| keypeople = [[Geir Rasmussen]], CEO<br> [[Brian Winterfeldt]], Secondary Contact, Legal Adviser<br> [ Iain Roache], Chairman<br>[[Rob_McCrea]], Head of Account Management
'''Famous Four Media [ (Domain Venture Partners)]''' is a prominent applicant in [[ICANN]]'s [[New gTLD Program]]. It has applied for 60 [[gTLD|generic TLDs]]. In addition to its main headquarters in Gibraltar, the company also has operations in London and New York.<ref>[ Famous Four Media Applies for 61 Generic TLDs Poker Bet Bingo Casino Win,]</ref> They have partnered with [[Neustar]] for the backend registry and technical requirements. The company has set up a separate Limited company to act as the applicant for each individual application. About 10 of its applications are uncontested, though some uncontested strings have pluralized versions applied for by other entities (i.e., [[.accountant]] v. [[.accountants]])

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