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Mike O'Connor

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'''Mike O'Connor''' got has been involved with the Internet when since he was become the Controller and Administrative CIO for the University of Minnesota in the late '80's. He later went on to found a high-speed [[ISP ]] in the mid-90's. He is interested in [[gTLD]]s.<ref>[ Mike O'Connor Bio]</ref>
==Work in Broadcasting==
 He founded a community stations in the early 70's (WORT-FM) , a community radio station in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. He got was also involved with KUSP in Santa Cruz, KDNA in St Louis, KFAI in Minneapolis, WEFT in Chambana and was a co-founder of the National Federation of Community Broadcastersin Washington, DC.<ref>[ Mike O'Connor Bio]</ref>
==ICANN Involvement==
Mike Retired from ICANN in the spring of 2014. He was a Member of the [[GNSO]]'s [[ISPCP]] Constituency and briefly represented them on the [[GNSO Council]]. Previously he was a member of the [[Commercial and Business Constituency]], where he was a member of the [[Credentials Committee]].<ref>[ LinkedIn]</ref> His primary focus was on GNSO (and cross-constituency) [[Working Groups]] that deal with the security and stability of the [[DNS]], including the following (in reverse chronological order, except for the IRTP series):
He is a member of the * GAC GNSO Early Engagement Consultative Group* Data and Metrics for Policy Making ([[DMPM]]) (chair)* Thick Whois ([[Thick Whois]]) (chair)* Fake Renewal Notices ([[GNSOFRN]], ) (chair)* Policy and Implementation WG Charter Drafting Team * Cross Community Working Group Drafting Team ([[Commercial CCWG]])* Joint DNS Security and Business ConstituencyStability Analysis ([[DSSA]]) (co-chair)* Vertical Integration [[PDP]] ([[VI]]) (co-chair)* [[Zone File Access Advisory Group]]* [[High Security Zone TLD Advisory Group]]* Post Expiration Domain Name Recovery Implementation Review Team* Post Expiration Domain Name Recovery ([[PEDNR]])* [[Registration Abuse Policies Implementation Drafting Team]] (chair)* Registration Abuse Policies ([[RAP-WG]])* [[Fast Flux PDP]] ([[Fast Flux]])* Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy Part D ([[IRTP-D]] where he serves as a member of the Credentials Committee.) (co-chair)* Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy Part C Implementation Review Team ([[IRTP-C IRT]])* Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy Part C ([[IRTP-C]])* Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy Part B ([[IRTP-B]])* Inter Registrar Transfer Policy Part A ([[IRTP-A]])<ref>[ linkedin profile]User Submitted</ref>* Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy Work Breakdown Drafting Team
===ICANN meetings Meetings Attended===* [[ICANN 25|Wellington]]* [[ICANN 30|Los Angeles]]* [[ICANN 32|Paris]]* [[ICANN 33|Cairo ]]* [[ICANN 37|Nairobi]] (remote participation: Reston, VA)* [[ICANN 38|Brussels]]* [[ICANN 39|Cartagena]]* [[ICANN 40|San Francisco]]* [[ICANN 41|Singapore]]* [[ICANN 42|Dakar]] (remote participation: Praag, WI)* [[ICANN 43|San José]]* [[ICANN 44|Praag]]* [[ICANN 45|Toronto]]* [[ICANN 46|Beijing]]* [[ICANN 47|Durban]]* [[ICANN 48|Buenos Aires]]* [[ICANN 49|Singapore]]
 He received his MBA in Finance operations from S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management in Cornell University in 1979. He received his BA in Economics from Grinnell College in 1972. ==GNSO Working Groups and ICANN Advisory Committees== * IRTP -- Inter Registrar Transfer Policy (many versions -- currently IRTP-B)* RAP -- Registration Abuse Policies* PEDNR -- Post Expiration Domain Name Recovery* Fast Flux* High Security TLD Verification Program Advisory Committee* Zone File Access Advisory Committee<ref>[ Mike O'Connor Bio]</ref>

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