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Jonah Geil-Neufeld

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As the Editor & Community Manager of [[ICANNWiki]], Jonah works closely with [[Vivian Hua]] as well as site director [[Raymond King]] and past editor [[Andrew Merriam]] to create and edit content for the site. He also attends all ICANN meetings in order to maintain relationships with ICANN community members and bring community awareness to the [[ICANNWiki]] site.<ref>ICANN 48 in-person interview</ref>
===Jonah Luke (2007+)===
Jonah performs as a singer/songwriter under the stage name Jonah Luke.<ref>[http:/// Jonah Luke plays a gig] The Oregonian, by Joe Smith, Retrieved 04 Feb 2015</ref> More information on that at [].
===PAGATIM, Inc (2011-2013)===
PAGATIM creates podcasts and audio for a variety of businesses and brands. As the Production Director at PAGATIM, Jonah was in charge of producing and managing a variety of shows, a small team of producers, and a professional recording studio.

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