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Susan Chalmers

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===Internet New Zealand===
While writing her thesis, Susan began work as the Policy Lead at Internet New Zealand - her introduction to the world of Internet Governance and policy. She took quickly to the environment and was nominated in 2013 by the Technical Community to be a member of the IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group, to which she devotes much of her free time today. She has attended the IGF since 2011 and has spoken on numerous panels on intermediary liability and copyright policy. She joined the New Zealand delegation to the 2013 World Telecommunications Policy Forum, participated as a moderator and panelist at various WSIS-related events, and represented InternetNZ within the At Large Advisory Group at the 2013 ICANN meeting in Beijing. On the domestic front, Susan led InternetNZ’s advocacy efforts on a variety of issues, including the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement, the graduated response, surveillance, privacy, cyberbullying and software patents.<ref>[ ONE News]</ref> Susan elected to return to the US in late 2013 to spend time with friends and family, and start her own consulting practice, before moving back to Wellington in 2014.
===Chalmers & Associates===
Susan is currently the Principal of Chalmers & Associates (C.A). A permanent resident of New Zealand, Susan spends most of her time in Wellington, working with a variety of clients, both "at home" and abroad. C.A values education and information-sharing in multistakeholder Internet Governance, and is the current administrator of the Friends of the IGF project. C.A has recently teamed up with the great folks at ICANNWiki to help spread the word about this tremendous informational resource and encourage greater content contribution and participation from the Internet community.

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