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Net Neutrality

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'''Network Neutrality''', colloquially also known as '''Net Neutrality''' is an Internet policy issue that considers the degree to which Internet Service Providers can selectively promote certain content and applications to their customers, whether through zero-rating, paid prioritization, or other ways. Some countries have passed Network Neutrality legislation, others have taken a defining goal in “co-regulatory” approach, and others encourage self-regulation within the development of ISP industry. Many countries have yet to respond to the Internet. Simply putissue, and in some countries it is the principle that "all internet traffic should be treated the samea policy question open for review." <ref>ChalmersNew Zealand Ministry for Business, SusanInnovation, and Employment ''[http://www. Network Neutralitymed.govt. 2015nz/sectors-industries/technology-communication/communications/legislation-relating-to-the-telecommunications-sector/review-of-the-telecommunications-act-2001 Review of the Telecommunications Act 2001]. '' Retrieved 23 27 Apr 2015.</ref> Further, it is a system of checks and balances to ensure that no one entity, commercial or otherwise, influences the content or pace of the Internet.
==Net Neutrality Around the World==

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