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GAC Early Warnings

Donuts received 49 GAC Early Warnings, which represents about 17% of its portfolio. The Early Warnings do not constitute GAC consensus and only represent one government's view. The large majority of Donuts' warnings came from the Australian GAC Representative and GAC Chair, Heather Dryden. She stated that a number of their strings were related to regulated markets and that Donuts had not sufficiently addressed verification or protection mechanisms to prevent consumer fraud and confusion. This arguably can be seen as a result of Donuts filing ever one of their applications with the exact same wording, and not addressing the relevant market at hand. Ms. Dryden issued the most of any GAC representative, and also warned some of Donuts' largest competitors, such as Google and Amazon, that they should not be allowed to obtain a generic word, such as "blog", and use it for their sole corporate purposes. Donuts does not propose any closed TLDs and consequently can be seen to benefit from those style of warnings.[1][2]