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Webnic logo tm-01.png
Type: Privately Held
Industry: Registrar
Founded: 2000
Founder(s): TK Tan, ST Wong
Headquarters: Singapore
Country: Malaysia
Businesses: Web Service
Products: Domain name, SSL certificate, Premium DNS, Microsoft 365, cloud computing, Sectigo Web, RESTful API, EPP, WHMCS
Website: WebNIC
Blog: Webnic blog
Facebook: Webnic
LinkedIn: Webnic
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@webnic_cc
Key People
CEO Tk Tan, COO St Wong

Web Commerce Communications Limited (dba WebNIC) is an ICANN accredited domain name registrar and web service provider based in Singapore. WebNIC is also an accredited registrar for various country code top-level domains (ccTLDs), such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, EU, USA and a growing list of countries. WebNIC specializes in domain names wholesale service, SSL certificate, web security service, Premium DNS, Microsoft 365 services, email & cloud computing services, trademark protection and digital brand management. WebNIC's main base of operations is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but it also operates in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and South Korea. As of October 2022, WebNIC currently manages over 3 million domain names, with a network of 5,000 partners worldwide in over 70 countries, as well as managing over 500,000 websites' security. WebNIC operates a digital reseller platform covering primarily domain name registration for over 700 TLDs, web security services, email, and cloud services. With offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Taipei, and Jakarta, it serves 5,000 active resellers in over 70 countries. With over 20 years of experience, the company aims to accelerate partner growth through its robust platform, attentive support, and wholesale pricing. The company was established in the year 2000[1]. The company ranks amongst the leading 50 registrars of the world and is a top Asian registrar for .tw and .cn outside Taiwan and China. Today, the company manages more than 1,000,000 domain names across its strong network of global resellers[2] in more than 70 countries.


WebNIC was founded in the year 2000 by founders TK Tan and ST Wong. It was a risky period for any tech company between the dot-com bubble (1994 - 2000) and the start of the dot-com crash (2000 - 2004). However, they never feared and shared a great vision for the future of the technology industry. They held a strong belief that the technology industry will ride out the storm and welcome a new age of explosive growth and that it will shape the foundation of our society. Therefore, even though it was a tough time for the technology industry, they ignored the adversities and founded Web Commerce Communications Limited, dba WebNIC, a technology company specializing in domain registrar business.

Back in those days, domain registration was a rarely-known term. The Internet was not what we know of it today. Registering a domain and running a website was like rocket science and the majority of the public had no idea about how to do it at all. The founders of WebNIC had their sights set on changing the status quo and aspired to change the way domain registration worked. They aspired to revolutionize the domain industry and contributed tirelessly towards making domain registration easy and convenient for global technology experts. The founders steered WebNIC in the direction of aiming to become the domain industry disruptor and are still doing so to this date. With a background in such a trying period for the technology industry, where nothing seemed to be in shape, WebNIC has played a significant role in shaping the way the domain industry works today as we know it.

Today, WebNIC has evolved into a leading authority in technology services, a one-stop online solution wholesaler furnishing the best solutions to meet business needs. WebNIC has connected the dots between global technology experts and helped shape the current Internet domain industry. WebNIC has also become a strong identity in helping to accelerate the growth of technology businesses globally. As an organization, WebNIC's management system complies with ISO 9001:2015 certification in the provisioning of customer support & process enhancement for domain name compliances.


Domain Name

WebNIC presents a series of comprehensive and handy tools to their valued partners to perform their domain e-business with efficiency. Becoming a Premier Partner with WebNIC will enable anyone and any business to start an online domain name registration business instantly. WebNIC has a strong portfolio of worldwide domain names, with more than 700 selections available across all top-level domains, including ccTLDs, gTLDs, and New gTLDs. WebNIC provides its growing network of partners with the most comprehensive selection of domains at the most affordable prices.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate provides security to a website by encrypting communications between users and websites and are now strongly recommended for all websites. In these recent years, the demand for it has increased exponentially. WebNIC spotted the trend and aimed to become a powerhouse in providing SSL certificate service. WebNIC currently offers a comprehensive selection of more than 40 types of SSL certificates available for its partners to choose from, inclusive of Domain Validation (DV), Organizational Validation (OV), and Extended Validation (EV) SSL. WebNIC is in partnership with world-renowned certificate authorities such as DigiCert, Sectigo, and GlobalSign. WebNIC is recognized as a DigiCert Certified Platinum Partner, and it is also a part of the Symantec Partner Advisory Council. With more than 7 years of experience in SSL certificate, WebNIC has evolved to become an authority in the industry.

Code Signing

Code signing is a security feature where the author of an executable program or script signs his intellectual property using a certificate-based digital signature. It verifies the author’s identity and ensures that the code remains unchanged or uncorrupted since the author signed it. It also ensures integrity in the trustworthiness of the software, which boosts confidence for users or software who intend to run the program. It gives users and other software a signal that the software can be trusted and run. WebNIC offers high-quality Code Signing service, backed by world-renowned certificate authorities. WebNIC's Code Signing certificate is available in a multi-year option, requires full organization authentication, is available for company developers, and supports a wide range of platforms.

Sectigo Web

Sectigo Web is a robust and comprehensive state-of-the-art web protection solution. It is Sectigo’s newest web security solution, which provides automated 24/7 and 360-degree website protection to safeguard both website owners and users. WebNIC is one of the earliest providers who have gotten on board to roll out the brand-new web security service for its partners, which includes eight layers of powerful website security functionalities. WebNIC values and advocates the importance of website security, in which it firmly believes that a website is not complete without web protection software in this modern day. WebNIC is confident that the web security industry will grow rapidly in time to come and encourages its partners to take advantage of this to become a trusted provider of website security services. Sectigo Web allows WebNIC to help its valued partners to build an instant recurring revenue stream for their businesses.

Microsoft 365

WebNIC offers Microsoft 365 as one of the products available to its partners. It consists of a suite of Microsoft applications that helps to simplify and improve workflow for everyone in the workplace. WebNIC believes in a future where the workplace is highly automated with the help of technology, where it is incredibly efficient to create, communicate, collaborate, and get great work done. Individuals can carry out their respective tasks efficiently while communicating and collaborating in the most effective method. Microsoft 365 consists of essential tools to improve every aspect of a workplace, such as teamwork & communication, email & calendaring, file storage & sharing, security & compliance, support & deployment, and tools to build and manage business.

Premium DNS

Premium DNS is a domain name resolution service that resolves DNS requests through a worldwide network of redundant DNS servers for a safer, smarter, and faster Internet experience. With the introduction of Premium DNS services, WebNIC offers a more powerful and reliable DNS service to its partners in provisioning domain name service to end users. This new service offers numerous features for enhanced DNS performance. WebNIC has also readied in place a robust DNS management dashboard and RESTful API for easy integration with its products and services, including domain transfer-ins, automated SSL Domain Control Validation (DCV), automated Microsoft 365 domain verification, and DNS Template.


WebNIC has developed a robust in-house system that can cater to the different needs of its partners from around the world. WebNIC provides its partners with a powerful library of API connections, including RESTful API, which allows anyone to integrate their web business platform with WebNIC's system conveniently. WebNIC has also developed an Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) interface on top of its API, to meet the needs of its partners who use EPP connection to connect their system with WebNIC's. Besides, WebNIC also supports WHMCS as an alternative choice for its partners to operate their businesses. Through these various channels, WebNIC helps its partners to easily integrate their business system with its system, saving them precious time, cost, and business resources through automation.


WHMCS is an automated billing and management platform for all web business needs. It is a single, unified management platform that contains optimization and automation for all web business-related operations, such as hosting, domain, billing, customer support suite, and developer tools. WHMCS allows users to set up and configure automation for all of the operations of web business, making the management of a web business convenient and efficient. WebNIC provides WHMCS plugins to help its partners to run their web businesses efficiently.

Verified Mark Certificate (VMC)

VMC is a digital certificate that verifies an organization’s ownership of a logo. It is a sign of authenticity and having it means an organization has been verified to be the legal owner of its brand logo. Logo-verified email is part of a ground-breaking initiative, in cooperation with Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) and email client providers, to promote a consistent, trusted, and visually authenticatable email experience for both businesses and consumers. VMC is directly connected to strict requirements involving email authentication and advanced technical knowledge, especially regarding DMARC settings, and WebNIC offers help to enable the VMC selling journey.

Premium Domain Name

Among the numerous domain names available, some words or phrases are deemed extremely memorable and easy to understand, hence they are perceived to fetch a high value for whoever owns them. They are premium domain names. They are usually in high demand and many people are always searching for them because they leave a strong impression in users’ minds, which can enhance the marketing efforts of businesses in building a strong and powerful brand identity. They also tend to have a higher search volume due to their nature, hence they might help in boosting the search ranking of a website. Dealing with premium domain names can be quite a hassle, and WebNIC has a dedicated team to help its partners in this aspect.

Marketing Affiliate

WebNIC's Marketing Affiliate program is a unique marketing platform, which is put in place to assist its partners in increasing the revenue stream and income for their businesses. It is exclusively open to WebNIC's existing partners only, in which they can enjoy an extra option to earn with WebNIC. The Marketing Affiliate platform encourages WebNIC's partners to make good use of extra spaces on their websites by monetizing them through banner advertisements. WebNIC has developed an exclusive platform to help its partners to earn more income conveniently with done-for-them, beautiful and attractive creatives. It also comes with an easy-to-use management dashboard, as well as excellent and high-quality support for their business needs.


WebNIC aspires to become a world-class web service provider driven by an effective team dedicated to growing customers’ businesses.


WebNIC believes in “Accelerate your business” through high-value propositions at very competitive pricing.

Core Values

WebNIC is dedicated and committed to its valued partners and associates, building a reputation to be well-known as a trustworthy web service provider and offering quality, reliable service for its partners’ needs. WebNIC also aims to be a world-class advocate for the tech community and industry, powering web solutions and upholding responsibilities to push technological advancement. WebNIC empowers and drives self-improvement in their employees to encourage knowledge learning through any possible channels to achieve a higher level of performance, creating a positive work environment with a quality work/life balance. As a commitment to customers and itself, WebNIC always exhibits a determination to accelerate partners' business growth by demonstrating innovation and pushing boundaries to improve service and products. WebNIC also continuously strives to achieve better than before, embracing an ongoing commitment to enhance its service efficiency and quality in all aspects of a business.