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Type: Coferences
Industry: Internet
Founded: 1992
Founder(s): ISOC
Website: ISOC Conferences

INET is a global meeting program arranged by ISOC in which users, policy makers, technologists and operators from all over the world come together to discuss the development of the Internet and other related global issues. The INET Conference is one of the longest running Internet events.[1]

Regional Meetings

Since 1992, multiple INETs have been held by ISOC each year in specific regions, with the conferences revolving around the issues of that community. As a result, the local communities get close observation of other global issues and come in contact with top class technology experts.[2] The basic purpose of arranging conferences in specific regions include:

  • Encouraging participation from multiple stakeholder groups.
  • Reduction of barriers such as travel time and cost, which are critical considerations in the developing world.
  • Development of each INET agenda in consultation with local representatives to address a range of topics that meet specific needs of the region.[3]


The first INET was held on June 1, 1992 in Kobe, Japan. After that, ISOC started arranging INETs nearly annually, and now arranges them multiple times a year. Past and future INET meetings and their venues are listed below:

Conferences in 2011 & Future

Past Events