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Region: Europe
Country: Spain

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Blog: http://michellechaplow.com
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @michellechaplow

Michelle Chaplow is the Creative Director and co-Founder of both Andalucia Web Solutions and Andalucia.com.[1] She is also a professional photographer.[2] She has worked as a photographer for ICANN Meetings, both for outside media and also as a contractor working directly for the organization, most recently at ICANN 44 in Prague.

Ms. Chaplow is originally from the U.K. but has been living and working in Spain for a number of years.

Internet Endeavors

Michelle is a member of ICANN's Business Constituency, and also attends ICANN's meetings to keep up with IT changes and to photographically document the events for the media.[3]

She was a member of the Meeting Strategy Working Group (MSWG) within ICANN.[4]


Michelle is a freelance photographer who specializes in travel & tourism photography, and photography for editorial features. She has also been the principal photographer for two published books; one is a coffee table book on Southern Spain and the other is a Spanish cookbook. She has also notably been involved with Spanish national T.V., National Geographic travel guides, assignments for the American Library of Congress, and personal exhibitions. Michelle was honorably mentioned by the "Ortiz Echagüe" prize related to Spanish tourism in 2001.[5] Michelle also writes for the Huffington Post on travel and photography.[6]

She is accustomed through her work with Andalucia Web Solutions to tailor her photography for internet optimization.[7]