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Country: Luxembourg
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Xavier Buck is the Founder, Executive Director, and CEO of the DCL Group. The group is the umbrella organization of EuroDNS, voipGATE, and the Datacenter Luxembourg; he acts as the Director of all those organizations. He also founded AsiaDNS.[1] Xavier Buck is also the Director of DomainTools, and the Chairman of eBrandServices.[2][3]

Mr. Buck is also the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Domain Invest SA,[4] which he founded in 2008. They own over 100,000 premium domains that bring in advertisement revenue, and the company has quickly become a leader in domain investment. It has received a number of high-profile financing rounds from investment firms.[5]

Career History

Mr. Buck has been involved in entreprenurial Internet projects since 1993.[6] He founded Datacenter Luxembourg in 2000, and EuroDNS in 2002. Both projects have become leading hosting and registration companies in Europe, and the group to which they both belong, DCL Group, celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2010.[7] EuroDNS was one of the first registrars to offer proxy registrations for .fr, and has since lobbied for the opening of other regional ccTLDs.[8]

Xavier Buck and his DCL Group took over ccTLDS.com from Rick Latona in 2011; the site is a forum and selling point for country code extensions.[9]

Organic Names, a proposed registrar, listed Xavier Buck as a member of its advisory board in its application to ICANN.[10]

Awards & Recognition

In 2008, Xavier Buck was awarded the "Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg" by the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg. [11] He beat out two other entrepreneurs for the recognition and award money, and credited his team and the business environment in Luxembourg when accepting the prize. Winning the honor meant that he would represent his country in an international competition of young entrepreneurs.[12]


Xavier Buck personally responded to an April 2011 notice of breach from ICANN; the organization accused EuroDNS of failing to transfer the domain facebok.com to Facebook.com Inc., which won a UDRP ruling for the typosquatted name.[13][14] Mr. Buck's response called ICANN's understanding of the events into question, as court procedures and mandatory UDRP procedures delayed the transfer; he also admonished them for what he saw as negative, public correspondence.[15]

Mr. Buck has been a long-time participant of ICANN through his various endeavors.[16] He also participates in other industry fora, such as T.R.A.F.F.I.C..[17] EuroDNS put together a domainer meeting in Paris just days before the start of the 2008 ICANN Paris meeting, it was even held at the same venue as the ICANN meeting.


Mr. Buck was enthralled by computing and gaming at a young age; at 14 he created a computing club in his school, which eventually went on to attract some 1,500 members across Luxembourg. Xavier studied both Computer Science and Economics, before leaving academia to start his first software company.[18]

Xavier Buck was born and grew up in Luxembourg. He is fluent in English, German and French. Xavier regularly participates in numerous industry forums and advisory groups.[19] He currently resides in Luxembourg with his wife and child. [20]

He worked at an ISP in Luxembourg as a Sales Manager from 1997 to 2000, this immediately preceded his work with the DCL Group and other projects.[21]

Fun Fact

Xavier had the inspiration to enter the domaining business when he was shaving one morning.[22]