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|portrait=Varsha SewlalPortrait.jpg
|portrait=Varsha SewlalPortrait.jpg
|caricature=Varsha SewlalComing1.png
|caricature=Varsha sketch.jpg
|organization=Department of Justice, NCUC
|organization=Department of Justice, NCUC
|jobtitle=Master of the North-Gauteng High Court
|jobtitle=Master of the North-Gauteng High Court

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Varsha SewlalPortrait.jpg
Varsha sketch.jpg
Organization: Department of Justice, NCUC
Stakeholder Group(s): ,|xyz|xyz|
Region: Africa
Country: South Africa

Varsha Sewlal is an admitted attorney with a Bachelor of Social Science, LLB degree as well as postgraduate Master’s degree (LLM - specialising in Commercial Law). The core focus area of the degree relates to Banking Law, Legal aspects of Electronic Commerce (Internet Law), Banking Law and Usage, Environmental Law, Advanced Constitutional Law and Fundamental Rights and the Drafting of Commercial Contracts.

She completed a specialist program in Intellectual Property Law with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Sewlal is a doctoral candidate researching information communication regulation as a tool for development in emerging economies.

Sewlal has over 22 years of work experience of which 17 years were spent in senior management in the public sphere. Her work experience relates to the drafting and vetting of commercial contracts and agreements. She is responsible for identifying the institutions rights and obligations in terms of contracts and manage the execution process of contracts, the direction and management of legal strategies, identifying risks, decisions on litigation processes, ensuring a sound strategy of legal compliance, setting up of the internal legal compliance framework.

She attended the 2018 North American School of Internet Governance in San Juan ,Puerto Rico

Her first ICANN meeting was ICANN 61 in San Juan Puerto Rico. She completed the NCUC policy course.

Career History

  • 2017 - Current, Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, Acting Chief Director Legal Services: Project Leader on the Transformation of State Legal Services
  • Comparative study of Solicitor General and similar offices internationally. Field research on service delivery and gaps in state attorney offices. Development of an electronic practice management system, electronic diary system, electronic prescription alerts, electronic desktop litigation resource manual, development of e-learning systems
  • Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, Master of the North-Gauteng High Court( Head of Office) from 1st July 2016 to date (8 years and 11 months- Senior Manager)
  • Master of the Durban High Court (Head of Office from 1 January 2009)

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

  • North American School of Internet Governance 2018


  • University of Kwazulu-Natal (UKZN), 1994, Bachelor of Social Science
  • University of Durban Westville (now UKZN), 1996, LLB
  • UNISA, 2004, LLM ( MASTERS IN COMMERCIAL LAW), Subjects: Drafting of Commercial Contracts, Advanced Constitutional Law and Fundamental Human Rights:Constitution, Constitutionalism and Democracy, Constitutional Interpretation and the role of Courts, Fundamental Rights and Constitutional Protection Constitution, Constitutionalism and Democracy Limitation of Fundamental Rights, Banking Law 1 and 2, Legal Aspects of Electronic
  • North American School of Internet Governance, 2018, NCUC Policy Course