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Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Email: bienvenulum [at] yahoo.fr

Bienvenu Lumbu Kitungwa is the Adviser in charge of ICT and Telecommunications at the Democratic Republic of Congo's Ministry of Post and Telecommunications. He is also a member of the Inter-Governmental Assembly,[1] and Mr. Kitungwa is the GAC Representative for his country.[2]

His background is in IT within the private sector.[3]

Current Work

Mr. Kitungwa has been working with the ministry since 2005; and he is the Director of ICT. He is responsible for a number of important developments within the Democratic Republic of the Congo, such as the first ministry intranet; he established contact with ICANN and its GAC; and he pushed for involvement with the U.N.'s CEA (Economic Commission for Africa). He has been involved in various international fora focusing on African ICT development, and the CEA resulted in the adoption of the NICI Plan by a number of African countries. Thus, Mr. Kitungwa was nominated to act as the main contact for the implementation of a national ICT plan.[4]