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Type: Privately Held
Industry: Internet
Founded: 2001
Headquarters: 5090 Explorer Drive Suite 203 Mississauga, ON L4W 4T9
Country: Canada
Employees: 11-50
Website: http://www.brandprotect.com
Key People
Mr. Roberto Drassinower, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Roy Bryant, Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Frankie Wong, Chief Technology Officer

BrandProtect formerly known as Brandimensions is a research company specializing in internet reputation management, brand protection and brand monitoring.

Company Background

Mr. Colin Silver & Mr. Leslie Goldsmith co-founded the company in Mississauga, Canada in 2001.The company provides secure online portal to its clients using proprietary technology and it is regularly searching for internet threats in social media including identity theft and intellectual property abuse. It also provides its clients with a cost effective tools to easily automate responses and manage internet threats.[1]


Brand Protect is a member of reputable organizations such as Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST), Visa, the U.S. Air Force, IBM, Microsoft and Deutsche Bank. Its membership to these organizations helps the company define and implement the necessary online protection, response policies and procedures. It also helps the company to quickly and effectively manage and mitigate internet threats. [2]

Partnership with Brandverity

On January 2011, the company inked partnership with Brandverity.[3] to be able to find internet abusers who are using different techniques to be able to avoid detection. Brandverity is an expert in providing technology solutions against trademark abuse and advertising frauds.


The company offers the following specialized services to its costumers:[4]

  1. Social Media Analysis and Research Tool (SMART)- It is an accurate, comprehensive search and monitoring tool with emergency response hotline to continuously improve a client's specific database 24/7. It is integrated with other Brand protect services to monitor all types of internet abuse.
  2. Brand Abuse- BrandProtect helps its customers detect unauthorized sales using a search strategy to identify weblinks, URLs and page contents that have potential threats to a company's intellectual property and trademark.
  3. Identity Theft-The company offers analysis, detection and mitigation of phishing, vishing,SMshing, malware, abuse box forwarding,