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| website        = Habari.co.tz
| website        = Habari.co.tz
| facebook        = https://www.facebook.com/habari.ISP/?ref=bookmarks
| facebook        = https://www.facebook.com/habari.ISP/?ref=bookmarks
| linkedin        = [http://link Company Name]
| twitter        = Habari_Node
| twitter        = twitterhandle
| keypeople      = Erik Rowberg, Managing Director
| keypeople      = Erik Rowberg, Managing Director

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Type: Privately Held
Industry: Internet, ICT Solutions
Founded: Arusha, 2010
Founder(s): Arusha Node Marie, AFAM Ltd
Headquarters: AICC

P.O Box 1215 Arusha, Tanzania.

Country: Tanzania
Products: Data&Internet,ICT Solutions
Email: support@habari.co.tz
Website: Habari.co.tz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/habari.ISP/?ref=bookmarks
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@Habari_Node
Key People
Erik Rowberg, Managing Director

Habari Node Ltd is a Tanzanian Internet Service Provider (ISP) company, providing standard Internet services and a range of innovative ICT based business solutions to the Tanzanian market.

Habari Node Limited was jointly founded in 2010 by Afam (T) Limited and Arusha Node Marie and incorporated under the Tanzania's company Act 2002 with Certificate of Incorporation number 75466. It was formed to take over the Internet service activities of Arusha Node Marie, a society that has been operational since 1994.

Habari Node is licensed by Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority(www.tcra.go.tz) as an Application Service Provider. Habari is also an accredited register of Tanzanian Internet Service Provider (www.tispa.or.tz), and host of Arusha Internet Exchange Point (www.aixp.or.tz).


Product Mission

To build networks for corporate and residential customers in Tanzania by providing innovative, high quality, value priced products, by offering high level customer service, and by attracting, developing and retaining outstanding personnel.

Economic Mission

To operate the Company on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our stakeholders & expanding opportunities for development and career growth for our employees.

Social Mission

To operate the Company in a socially responsible manner, building connections between people and communities to improve their quality of life, and promoting an ethical and innovative business model.


Habari Node Limited will be the ICT Company of choice in the provision of quality, affordable, cutting edge Internet and ICT services in Tanzania.

Work with ICANNWiki

Habari Node Limited, sponsored the ICANNWiki edit-a-thon event facilitated by Techchix-Tz in 2016 by providing free Internet service.



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