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Status: Proposed
Language: Japanese (Katakana)
Translates to: Transliteration of "Google"
Manager: Google
Registry Provider: Google
Type: IDN Brand TLD
Priority #: 102

.グーグル is an IDN Brand TLD being proposed in ICANN's New gTLD Program. The applicant is Google (Charleston Road Registry Inc.).[1]

Application Details

Excerpted from applicant response to TLD application question #18:

"ʺグーグルʺ is the Japanese equivalent of the English term, ʺGoogle.ʺ The mission of the proposed gTLD, .グーグル, is to make the worldʹs information universally accessible and useful through the streamlined provision of Google services. The purpose of the proposed gTLD is to provide a dedicated Internet space in which Google can continue to innovate on its Internet offerings, and specifically reach an audience of Japanese-speaking Internet users. Charleston Road Registry will also support IDNs at the second-level for the Japanese language within the proposed gTLD. The proposed gTLD will augment Googleʹs offerings through existing registries, provide Google with greater ability to categorize its present online locations around the world, and provide a more recognizable, branded, trusted web space to both the general Internet population and Google employees.

Charleston Road Registry intends to operate the proposed gTLD as a closed registry with Google as the sole registrar and registrant. The goal of the proposed gTLD is to provide Google with the opportunity to extend the Google brand and reputation through the management of a dedicated domain name space for Google products and services. This specialization provides a mechanism by which Google can easily link its products, services and countries of operation. This will allow Google to actively manage the introduction and phase out of second-level domain spaces for new or retiring products and will signal to the general population of Internet users that all second-level domain in the gTLD are managed by Google."[2]