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|language = Japanese (Katakana)
|language = Japanese (Katakana)
|translation = Transliteration of "com"
|translation = Transliteration of "com"
|manager  =
|manager  =[[Verisign]]
|registryprovider  = [[Verisign]]
|registryprovider  = [[Verisign]]
|registrations  =  
|registrations  =  

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Status: Proposed
Language: Japanese (Katakana)
Translates to: Transliteration of "com"
Manager: Verisign
Registry Provider: Verisign
Type: IDN gTLD
Category: Technology
Priority #: 105

.コム is an IDN gTLD being proposed in ICANN's New gTLD Program. The applicant is Verisign.[1]

IDN Transliterations of .com & .net

Verisign's Pat Kane noted in January 2012 that the company was planning on applying for "about 12" new gTLDs, and noted that most of these were going to be IDN transliterations of .com.[2] Expected languages included Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Cyrillic, Arabic, and Hebrew.[3][4]

During its first quarter earnings report, on April 26, 2012, it was confirmed that Verisign would be applying for 14 new gTLDs, 12 of which are foreign language transliterations of .com and .net.

In the end, the languages chosen for transliterations are: Thai, Deva, Korean (Hang), Chinese (Hant/Traditional & Hans/Simplified), Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, Japanese. The two non-IDN applications by the company are for .comsec and .verisign.


Excerpted from applicant response to question #18 in TLD appliation:

"As of this writing, more than 800,000 internationalized second-level domain names are registered in .com, including approximately 50,000 in Katakana. The JAPANESE_TRANSLITERATION_OF_.COM gTLD, along with the other proposed IDN transliterations of .com, provide an immediate benefit to registrants of those names by giving them the opportunity to register IDN second-level domain names as “IDN.IDN”


The initial target audience for JAPANESE_TRANSLITERATION_OF_.COM is the registrants of the approximately 50,000 IDN second-level addresses in .com. These registrants will have the opportunity to register their IDN.com addresses as IDN. JAPANESE_TRANSLITERATION_OF_.COM addresses."[5]

domain names.


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