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Status: Proposed
Language: Chinese (Hans/Simplified)
Translates to: public interest
Manager: CONAC
Registry Provider: CONAC
Type: IDN gTLD
Category: Commerce
Priority #: 46

.公益 is an IDN gTLD being proposed in ICANN's New gTLD Program, which translates to "public interest" from Hans Chinese. The term is a regulated business designation in China. The applicant is China Organizational Name Administration Center (CONAC).[1]


Application Details

Excerpted from applicant response to question #18 in TLD application:

"The “.公益” TLD will promote online public interest services by becoming a unique sign for identifying legitimate public interest organizations, which will raise users’ sense of trust. Users may instantly access reliable public interest services and relevant information anytime, anywhere on public interest organizations’ websites in an easy and intuitive way.

Furthermore, the strict eligibility review policies are beneficial to regulating the public interest service market as well as providing brand building and brand marketing. It will also reduce the fake public interest organizations exploiting users in the cyberspace, maintains the credibility of public interest organizations and strengthens their attraction and influence, thus promoting the development of online public interest services.


“.公益” domain names are available to global public interest organizations that provide services in Chinese language. In China, the eligible organizations are non-profit organizations including institutions, social groups and foundations. When applying for a domain name under “.公益” TLD, the applicant shall submit proof of official certification (such as Organization Code Certificate, Certificate of legal person, etc.) issued by relevant authorities and fill in “application form for ‘.公益’ domain name”. CONAC requires all registrars to strictly review the authenticity, effectiveness, accuracy and integrity of the information and certificate submitted by applicants. CONAC will also impose an additional level of review after the registrar examination.

All applied-for domain names shall contain at least one Chinese character, but digital numbers (0~9) and hyphen (-) are also allowed to use combined with Chinese characters. Each level is separated by “.” or Chinese full stop “。”.

The applied-for domain name can be the full name, the official abbreviation, the habitual abbreviation or other names of an organization, when using the full name or the official abbreviation of an organization, the domain name shall be consistent to the name approved by relevant authorities; when using the habitual abbreviation of an organization, the domain name shall be consistent to the name that is widely used. For oversea applications that may cause confusing similarities of domain names, the domain name shall contain Chinese names of relevant countries (or regions), or names of international organizations which they are subordinate to.

When using other names, the domain name shall be consistent to the functions and business scope of the organization that are approved by its governing authority."[2]