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Status: Proposed
Language: Chinese (Hans/Simplified)
Translates to: trademark
Manager: Hu Yi Global
Registry Provider: Hu Yi Global
Type: IDN gTLD
Category: Commerce
Priority #: 38

.商标 is an IDN gTLD being proposed in ICANN's New gTLD Program, translating as "trademark" from Hans Chinese. The applicant is Hu Yi Global.[1]

.商标 是一个国际化通用顶级域名。该域名已被纳入ICANN的新通用顶级域名计划。申请人为环球互易集团。

Application Details

Excerpted from response to question #18 in TLD application:

"The mission of the .商标 gTLD (“商标” in simplified Chinese is the equivalent to the English term “Trademark”) Registry is to provide leading gTLD registry services to global trademark holders seeking to provide accurate and specific trademark related information to the Greater China and global Chinese speaking markets.

The purpose of our application is to, upon approval, execute on our goal to reduce intellectual property rights related issues, specifically related to trademarks, and subsequently improve global cooperation.

As a result of increasing global trade and global economic interdependence, country-to-country intellectual property rights infringement related issues as well as lawsuits are rising. This is especially true with regards to “China-to-Other Country” and “Other Country-to-China” intellectual property rights related cases. However, Chinese businesses and the Chinese government have been focusing more and more energy and attention towards addressing and resolving these concerns. Both of these points can be clearly demonstrated by looking at solid data provided by highlights listed in an article published on 4⁄22⁄2012 by the China Intellectual Property News in 2011 titled: Ten Years of Chinese Trademarks:

•The total amount of trademark applications in China reaches 8,213,000. •The total amount of trademark registrations in China reaches 5,545,000. •The amount of trademark applications for registration is over 1,000,000 in 2010. •The amount of well-known trademarks recognized by Chinese Administrative Authorities is over 2000. •The amount of geographical indications is over 1100. •The total amount of Customs Recordation for trademarks reaches 8853. The amount of the infringing products detained by China Customs reaches 108,000,000 in 2010. •The amount of Administrative Lawsuits for trademarks accepted by Chinese Courts reaches 2026 in 2010. •China concentrates on the special actions against the IPR infringements, manufactures and sales of counterfeit goods from October 2010 to March 2011. By January 7, 2011, the amount of the infringement and counterfeit cases handled by Administrations for Industry and Commerce reaches 16,036. Within them, there are 2439 cases regarding trademarks owned by foreign parties.

It is often very clear that intellectual property conflicts commonly arise out of not knowing what actual intellectual property rights others have, and that many conflicts are non-voluntary and non-malicious in nature especially with regards to trademarks since trademark registration regulations differ from country to country. Furthermore, currently, an open global trademark platform for checking trademarks and related information does not exist therefore resulting in continued conflicts.


Hu Yi Global, founded in 2001, has over 100,000 customers and is one of Hong Kong’s largest Internet Addressing and Intellectual Property Protection service providers.

Hu Yi Global provides Internet Addressing and Intellectual Property Protection services to businesses worldwide and aims to develop the best, most innovative, high productivity and convenient platform over a highly efficiency network together with an intellectual property rights protection automation system.

Hu Yi Global’s sister company, Guangdong Hu Yi Science Co. Ltd.(Guangdong Hu Yi) located in Guangzhou, China, also founded and majority owned by Mr. Xiongwei Huang, is a provider of Internet Addressing and Intellectual Property Protection services. Guangdong Hu Yi currently has over 30 subsidiaries around mainland China and over 2,000 employees including 1,800 sales persons. It is one of China’s largest Internet Addressing and Intellectual Property Protection services providers with close to 500,000 customers. Guangdong Hu Yi is CNNIC accredited for .CN domain registrations, and Chinese Domain Names. It is also accredited by KNET for Internet Keywords and Wireless Keywords. It’s primary service and product offerings include: Internet addressing resources such as domain names, Internet Keywords, Wireless Keywords, Intellectual Property Protection services such as trademark and copyright registration, and patent registration and protection. Guangdong Bangxin International Intellectual Property Co. Ltd., another subsidiary of Guangdong Hu Yi, is a specialized Intellectual Property Rights related service platform and is a member of the China Chapter of The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), the International Trademark Association (INTA), the China Trademark Association and other industry organizations.


The actual registration of a .商标 domain name will require the successful completion of two procedures: The first procedure is Registration, and the second procedure is Eligibility Verification.

Registration Provided the registrant meets all of the eligibility requirements, they will have the option and ability to register a .商标 domain name through any .商标 accredited registrar that offers .商标 domain registrations through the use of the .商标registry technology protocol provided to registrars. All registered domains will be place in server hold status until after the verification process has been completed.

Eligibility Verification Each registrant must be confirmed as a trademark holder through an eligibility verification process. This eligibility verification process will be carried out by the registry or designated third party and will make use of various sources to check the authenticity, accuracy and validity of identities and documentation submitted during the registration process. Each new registration is considered individually and must therefore adhere to the eligibility verification process."[2]



【.商标】这一通用顶级域名的作用是为全球商标拥有者提供通用顶级域名注册服务,并帮助他们为大中华地区及全球其他中文使用区提供准确、专属的商标相关信息。 该域名的申请目的是减少与知识产权,尤其是与商标相关的知识产权问题/纠纷,并最终提高全球在知识产权方面的合作水平。