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Status: Proposed
Manager: The League of Arab States
Registry: League of Arab States
Registry Backend: Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of UAE
Type: GeoTLD
Category: Culture

.arab is a proposed new geo-cultural TLD in ICANN's new gTLD program. It is a project that has been associated with the IT ministries of Bahrain, the UAE, and the Arab Telecommunications and Information Council of Ministers; it was applied for by the League of Arab States, which is the only applicant.[1] In 2009, the International Telecommunications Union came out as a supporter of the bid, and also made promises to help any approved entity to apply for the extension, and even offered to act as a "temporary operational entity" should the Arab League need time to create their own viable management entity.[2]

The project and those involved are also linked to a .عرب bid, which is the Arabic IDN equivalent of ".arab".[3]

About the League of Arab States

The League of Arab States is an organization composed of 22 member states in the Arab Region (North and Northeast Africa and Southwest Asia or Middle East). Its main objective is to strengthen the relationship of its member states, coordinate their economic, political, cultural, health and social welfare, communications and other activities and to protect their independence, sovereignty and the general affairs and interests of Arab countries. The original members of the League of Arab States included Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, Transjordan (Jordan) and Syria. The current Secretary General of the league is Dr. Nabil El Araby. [4] [5]