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Status: Proposed
country: The Arab Region
Registry: League of Arab States
Registry Backend: Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of UAE
Type: GeoTLD
Category: Culture

.arab is a proposed new geo-cultural TLD in ICANN's new gTLD program. It is a project that has been associated with the IT ministries of Bahrain, the UAE, and the Arab Telecommunications and Information Council of Ministers; it was applied for by the League of Arab States, which is the only applicant.[1] In 2009, the International Telecommunications Union came out as a supporter of the bid, and also made promises to help any approved entity to apply for the extension, and even offered to act as a "temporary operational entity" should the Arab League need time to create their own viable management entity.[2]

The project and those involved are also linked to a .عرب bid, which is the Arabic IDN equivalent of ".arab".[3]


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