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Status: Proposed
Registry: Donuts
Registry Backend: Donuts
Type: Generic
Category: Commerce
Priority #: 439 - Top Level Domain Holdings
847 - Donuts (Sand Sunset, LLC)
1734 - Radix (DotDeals Inc.)
Registrations: 9,457
Parked Domains: 5,665
Parked Domain %: 59.9 %
Important Dates
Delegation: 10 July 2014
General Availability: 01 October 2014

More Information: NTLDStatsLogo.png

.deals is a proposed new TLD in ICANN's New gTLD Program

Current Applicants

  1. Radix (DotDeals Inc.), .deals is one of 31 applications submitted by the company. It is using ARI Registry Services for backend requirements.[1]
  2. Top Level Domain Holdings Ltd., .deals is one of 68 applications that the company has submitted on its own behalf.[2]
  3. Donuts (Sand Sunset, LLC), The .deals domain name string is one of the 307 new gTLDs applied for by Donuts.[3]


Radix received a GAC Early Warning as an entire applicant, where each one of the applicants was flagged by the U.S. Government. This seems to be the only time a portfolio applicant had all of their applications warned. The issue does not deal with the technical capabilities or thematic content of their applications, but rather the inclusion of an email address associated with the US' Federal Bureau of Investigation. It seems that Radix included correspondence with this address as a recommendation with each of their applications.[4]