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country: International
Manager: DotGreen Foundation
Registry: Afilias
Registry Backend: Afilias
Type: sTLD
Community: environmental groups
Registrations: 6,018
Parked Domains: 3,812
Parked Domain %: 63.34 %
Important Dates
Delegation: 19 June 2014
General Availability: 24 March 2015

More Information: NTLDStatsLogo.png

.green is one of the proposed new TLDs in ICANN's [[New gTLD Program.

Current Applicants

Applicant Details

Dotgreen Foundatin

In an interview, Roger confirmed that .green has many supporters from the environmental community and the internet industry. She explained that .green means go, environmental, humanitarian and sustainability. She encouraged the world to go forward and go green. According to her, other proposed environmental TLDs like .eco are welcome as competition could be beneficial and it is good for consumers to have choices. Mrs. Roger also emphasized that 100% of the revenue that will be generated from the .green TLD will be used for funding various sustainability programs and projects worldwide.[2] Tim Switzer, COO and CFO of the organization confirmed that their application was already registered with ICANN. [3] Switzer served as former vice-president of registry services for Neustar.[4]