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Status: Proposed
Registry Provider: ARI Registry Services
Registry: Radix
Registry Backend: CentralNic
Type: Generic
Category: Technology
Priority #: 1096 - Radix (DotHost Inc.)
Registrations: 141,058
Parked Domains: 99,634
Parked Domain %: 70.63 %
Important Dates
Delegation: 31 May 2014
General Availability: 17 September 2014

More Information: NTLDStatsLogo.png

.host is a proposed TLD in ICANN's New gTLD Program. The applicant is Radix (DotHost Inc.). .host is one of 31 applications submitted by the company.[1]

The TLD has an active pre-registration homepage.

Radix received a GAC Early Warning as an entire applicant, where each one of the applicants was flagged by the U.S. Government. This seems to be the only time a portfolio applicant had all of their applications warned. The issue does not deal with the technical capabilities or thematic content of their applications, but rather the inclusion of an email address associated with the US' Federal Bureau of Investigation. It seems that Radix included correspondence with this address as a recommendation with each of their applications.[2]

Application Details

The following is excerpted from the applicant's response to question #18:

  • "A key purpose of the .host Registry is differentiation and the fact that it is here to serve the hosting industry specifically. The string itself differentiates the niche that this TLD will cater to. By offering more and better choice of names, we aim to be the preferred choice gTLD for hosting companies across the world. Directi maintains very good relations with the key entities in the hosting industry. Further, Directi has a rich background in the registrar business (10+ years’ experience and managing over 6 million domains), we thus understand the nuances of this market. The .Host registry will leverage this unique market knowledge to design competitive offerings against other global gTLDs.
  • Most gTLDs have largely focused on developed markets with 70%+ internet penetration. Domain Name and website growth is yet to occur in other developing markets like India, Brazil, Russia, China, Indonesia etc. However as the market for websites and domain names grows in these economies the existing gTLD space in TLDs like .com, .net, .org etc will already be saturated with all tier 1 names no longer available to markets like asia, africa. 70% of .com check availability checks return unavailable (data obtained from Directi’s own registrar business). New companies have to resort to 2nd tier long multi-word names for their businesses in these markets. .Host will broaden the namespace by providing an alternative for the hosting industry in developing markets to register the domain name of their choice creating competition.
  • .Host will also allow Registrants in the hosting industry to differentiate themselves from the 200+ million domain names out there. .Host provides the ability for Registrants to create a differentiated identity wherein just by looking at the URL end-users will be able to recognize and identify the kind of entity associated with the domain name.
  • .Host will provide registrants the option to register more desirable and shorter names as opposed to names they would have otherwise registered in existing gTLDs due to the high saturation of the existing namespaces. Outside of ccTLD programs, past gTLD registries have largely focused on North America and European marketplaces. Directi will be offering the language and culture agnostic .host to international markets, with the goal of a truly global distribution of registrants."[3]