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Status: Delegated
Type: Community
Category: Culture

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.tatar is a GTLD that was proposed in ICANN's New gTLD Program. The applicant and now Registry Operator is the Coordination Center of Regional Domain of Tatarstan Republic.[1] It is a Community priority application. The application succeeded and .tatar was delegated to the Root Zone on the 7th August 2014.[2]

It is an ethno-geographic minded TLD; the majority of Tatars live in the Russian Federation, with a population of 5.5 million, including 2 million in the republic of Tatarstan, 1 million in the republic of Bashkortostan and other 2.5 million in other regions of Russia. Significant minority populations are found in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.[3]From their application: "The Tatar language together with the Bashkir language forms the Kypchak-Bolgar (also ʺUralo-Caspianʺ) group within the Kypchak languages (Northwestern Turkic). While Tatars formed different groups by regions of residence, they speak the same language, with just minor local differences, which gave rise to a number of dialects. There are three Tatar dialects: Eastern, Central, and Western ones. The Central (Volga) Tatar is the base of literary Tatar. As concerns the alphabet, Tatar is a Russian Cyrillic-based language, with 6 additional letters therein. By the Russian Federation Constitution, Tatars exercise the right to use the native language as the second official language, together with Russian, of the Republic of Tatarstan."

Its supporters include: The Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Tatarstan, The World Congress of the Tatars, and The Ministry of Informatization and Communications of the Republic of Tatarstan. "During the Landrush and Live periods, domain name registration is open for any person, whether corporation or individual, resident of the Russian Federation or any other jurisdiction, which⁄who fully shares the mission, objectives and philosophy of .TATAR gTLD and agrees with all the Registry Operator’s policies. Prior to submission of the application for registration of its⁄his⁄her first domain name, the registration aspirant is bound to produce for registrar two recommendations from effective registrants in .TATAR. Such recommendations can be produced in the form of an official letter to the registrar or in the form of an electronic confirmation, per procedures established in the gTLD. The Recommendations shall explicitly reference to the aspirant’s name and its⁄his⁄her intention to register a second-level domain name in .TATAR."[4]


Saudi Arabia's Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) filed an objection against the TLD.[5]

Contract Signed

On 24th April 2014, the received a Registry Agreement signed by ICANN for .tatar after passing the Initial Evaluation.[6]

Delegation and Availability

.tatar was delegated to the Root Zone of the DNS on the 7th August, 2014, completing the successful application for the string.[7]


The Registry announced that the Sunrise Period for the string would begin on the 28th August 2014, and end on 27th October 2014.[8]