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Type: Privately Held
Industry: Intellectual Property Management
Founded: 1972
Headquarters: TAGI Campus,Queen Noor St.Shmeisani P.O Box 921100 Amman
Country: Jordan
Key People
Charles Chaban, Executive Director

AGIP (Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property) is a subsidiary of TAG-Org committed to providing intellectual property and trademark registration, copyright, domain names and design for businesses.

In 2003, AGIP Executive Director, Mr. Charles Chaban, was elected to the GNSO council representing the Southwest-Asia and Africa seat in the Business Constituency.

Company Background

AGIP was launched in Kuwait in 1972 as TMP agents when issues regarding Intellectual Property just started to develop in Middle East. Since its establishment, AGIP has become the region's leader in the field of Intellectual Property, serving over 30,000 clients. A majority of the company’s clients are members of Fortune's Global 500. [1]

It has 28 offices located in the countries in the Middle East, plus offices located in China, Cyprus, India, Pakistan, Turkey and Russia. The company also has liaison offices throughout Europe, and Canada, and 180 correspondent offices around the world.[2]

AGIP helped the governments of Bahrain, Lebanon, Yemen, Oman, Tunisia and United Arab Emirates to draft and revise new laws and regulations regarding intellectual property rights to be implemented in their respective countries.[3]

International Organizations Involvement

AGIP is also actively involved with international organizations as part of its dedication in promoting intellectual property protection, such organizations as:

1. World Intellectual Property Organization
2. World Trade Organization (WTO),
3. International Trademark Association (INTA)
4. International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)
5. International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI)
6. Arab Society for Intellectual Property (ASIP)
7. Licensing Executives Society-Arab Countries (LES-AC)
8. Anti-Counterfeiting coalition
9. American International Property Law Application (AIPLA)
10. Chartered Institute of Patent Agents (CIPA)
11. Institute of Trademark Attorneys (ITMA)

ICANN Involvement

Since 2001, AGIP is an active member of International Cooperation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN’s) organizations such as Business Constituency, IP Constituency and Registrar Constituency. In 2003, the company chaired a workgroup on IDN and IP related issues. It was elected member of the country code Names Supporting Organizations (ccNSO) Council in 2004 until 2007. [4]

AGIP Publications

The company published relevant IP references for the Arab region including a compilation of an English translation of all Arab IP laws, IP dictionary with a comprehensive list of English-Arabic translations and definitions of terminology. [5]

AGIP also created the Legal Cases Database (LCDB) containing information related to all accomplished and current IP legal cases handles by the company and its competitors in the Arab region. It also compiled the Intellectual Property Published Registrations (IPPR), a databank of all the registered trademarks in Middle East comprising records if renewals, assignments, and all other actions during the filing of every trademark. [6]


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