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General Information
Stakeholder Group: Technical
Type: Regional Internet Registry
Issue Areas: Number Resources
Country: Australia
Region: Asia Pacific
Founded: 1992
Headquarters: 6 Cordelia Street,

South Brisbane,
QLD 4101,


LinkIcon.png   http://www.apnic.net/

Email: helpdesk@apnic.net
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@apnic
http://www.apnic.net/about-APNIC/team APNIC staff

APNIC, the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre, is the Regional Internet address Registry for the Asia Pacific region.


APNIC was founded in January, 1993, and its headquarters are located in Brisbane, Australia. The main focus of APNIC is the registration and allocation of IP Address space throughout the Asia Pacific region. APNIC is an open, non-for-profit, membership-based organization.[1] APNIC covers 56 economies all around Oceania and Asia which are further classified in four sub-regions: South, Southeast, Oceania and Central-east.

There are two open meetings per year, which are organized for discussing policies and developing new strategies. APNIC also organizes courses in order to educate users to correctly manage, administer and configure the Internet services.

APNIC Members

Membership is available to "any person,unincorporated association, firm, corporation Governmental Organisation, or Non-Governmental Organisation, engaged in the use of or business of providing open system protocol network services". [2]

APNIC works in the interest of is members and stakeholders within the Internet community. Currently, the organization has more than 2,000 members spread throughout the Asia Pacific region.[3]

Members are graded into tiers depending on their IP Address, which are further delineated with regards to economy and size. All members are allowed to vote in the elections for the Executive Council. Most APNIC members are Internet Service Providers, other network operators or enterprises.[4]

APNIC Functions

The main functions of the Asia Pacific Information Centre are:

  • The allocation and registration of IPv6 and IPv4 address space, as well as ASN throughout the Asia Pacific region;
  • The maintenance of a public Whois Database for the region;
  • Representation to other bodies of the Internet community throughout the Asia Pacific region;
  • Reverse DNS lookup delegations

APNIC Structure

APNIC is made up of:

  • APNIC members
  • The Executive Council
  • The Secretariat
  • Sub-committees [5]