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Involvement Outside Australia

They also have become the domain managers for smaller nations in the region,[1] such as the small island nation of Nauru. These deals are necessitated by the lack of formal infrastructure to provide national management of ones own ccTLD. The Solomon Islands relied on AusRegistry to develop their registration process from 2004-2007. Nauru, like the Solomon Islands before it, hopes that their current, beneficial deal with AusRegistry will eventually result in a national infrastructure that is able to take over management of the ccTLD.[2]

International Division

AusRegistry Pty Group's International subsidiary, AusRegistry International, rebranded itself as of October, 2011 to ARI Registry Services. The move was made to enhance its image abroad, and dispel the preoccupations that working with an Australian company meant uncertainty and risks for a non-Australian organization. Along with the rebranding annoucnement, ARI also announced that it would be the first registry to offer its customers the choice between two primary locations for the operation of a TLD registry. Establishing its location outside of Australia involved deploying registry infrastructure and resources to the United States.[3] Prior to the move, ARI already had an office in the United States, and clients on 4 continents; still, the AUS prefix was not amenable to global expansion and recognition.[4]

Expansion into IDNs

AusRegistry has recently been solidifying their reputation as an international registry, domain manager, and software developer. They have secured deals with Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates to provide software support for their respective registry services. It is the first company in the world to provide the support necessary to carry these countries' Arabic-based IDN services live, and facilitate the use of Arabic as a primary Internet language. Given these solid partnerships, AusRegistry is poised to continue to grow throughout the region and become a power-player in IDNs. The Omani Telecommunications regulatory body commented that “AusRegistry International met the evaluation criteria and were the highest ranked respondents to the tender issued by the [Telecommunications Ministry] for the provision of a new Domain Name Registry System for Oman. As such, [we have] chosen to partner with AusRegistry International to establish a new Domain Name Registry System for Oman that will provide benefits to the Omani community for many years to come".[5]

They also provide consultations for the operation of South Africa's .za ccTLD, which is the largest ccTLD in Africa.[6] They were responsible for consolidating the disparate registries for .za SLDs into one, central registry.[7]