Ad Hoc Group on Future Numbering Requirements

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year Nontechnical events technical events consequential meetings key figures CEO & Chair of the Board
1999 Shared Registry System goes into effect ICANN 1 Michael Roberts & Esther Dyson
DNSO is created as is the "[Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency," the only non-business interest group in the DNSO ICANN 1 DNSO Directors: Amadeu Abril i Abril (Spain), Jonathan Cohen (Canada), Alejandro Pisanty (Mexico), NCDNHC: Milton Mueller, Kathy Kleiman
ICANN Bylaws include establishment of ASO, PSO, DNSO ICANN 1
ASO is created, indicating the beginning of global policymaking about IP address delegation APNIC, ARIN, and RIPE NCC join ASO, sign MoU ICANN 3 ASO Directors: Rob Blokzijl (Netherlands), Ken Fockler (Canada), Sang-Hyon Kyong (South Korea)
ICANN Board adopts UDRP ICANN 3
RSSAC is created ICANN 1 Bill Manning, Paul Vixie, Gerry Sneeringer, James Fielding, Maurizio Binello, Doug Engebretson, Piet Barber, David Conrad, Mark Kosters, Lars-Johan Liman, Ray Plzak, Akira Kato, Daniel Karrenberg
GAC is created and meets ICANN 2 Paul Twomey
the Registrar Accreditation Policy is adopted by the ICANN Board ICANN 1
PSO is created ICANN 2 PSO Directors: Helmut Schink (Germany), Vint Cerf (USA), Phil Davidson (U.K.)
2000 IANA function contract signed between NTIA and ICANN Mike Roberts, Louis Touton, Joyce Reynolds, Suzanne Woolf, Teresa Reefe, Karen Rose Michael Roberts & Esther Dyson/Vint Cerf
At-Large Membership elects five directors for the ICANN Board of Directors, one for each geographic region ICANN 6 At-Large Directors: Karl Auerbach (USA), Ivan Moura Campos (Brazil), Frank Fitzsimmons (USA), Masanobu Katoh (Japan), Hans Kraaijenbrink (Netherlands), Andy Mueller-Maguhn (Germany), Jun Murai (Japan), Nii Quaynor (Ghana), Linda Wilson (USA)
First Round of New gTLD Expansion begins ICANN 5
2001 the birth of the Evolution & Reform Committee - ICANN 9 Michael Roberts/Stuart Lynn & Vint Cerf