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An Advisory Committee (AC) of ICANN is a formal advisory body, composed of representatives from the internet community with expertise in a particular issue, or policy area. These Committees were established based on provisions set forth by Article XI of the ICANN Bylaws. Advisory Committees are not authorized to take action on behalf of ICANN. Their primary responsibility is to report findings and recommendations to the ICANN Board.[1]

Specific Advisory Committees

ICANN has the following Advisory Committees:

  • Governmental Advisory Committee - Provides advice to ICANN regarding government issues, policies, laws, regulations and international agreements.
  • Security and Stability Advisory Committee - Provides advice to ICANN on internet security, particularly regarding the internet naming address and allocation system.
  • Root Server System Advisory Committee - Its main responsibility is to examine the security aspects of the root name serves of the Domain Name System (DNS) and advise ICANN regarding the issues affecting it, such as its operational requirements.
  • At-Large Advisory Committee - Provides advice regarding the activities of ICANN that have direct impact to the interests of individual Internet users.

Each Advisory Committee has its own procedural rules, quorum, chairman, and members. The chairman and members of the specific committees do not receive any compensation, however the ICANN Board will reimburse the the necessary expenses spent by the committee members while performing their obligations in connection with ICANN activities. Members serve in a committee until a successor is appointed, he or she resigns from duty, or is no longer qualified to serve as a member.[2]