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Country: Kenya
Email: gakuru[at]cck.go.ke

Alex Gakuru is the elected African representative for the Non-Commercial Users' Constituency's Executive Committee. He is currently serving his second term, to which he was elected in 2009.[1]

He is heavily involved in ICANN, but also works as a Board Member for the Communications Commission of Kenya,[2] and is the Chairman of the ICT Consumer's Association of Kenya.[3]


Mr. Gakuru is currently leading a proposition, along with Beau Brendler, to create a Consumer Constituency within the Non-Commercial Stakeholder's Group. He is a member of the PDP Work Team, and has been since 2009. He is also a member of the JAS Working Group since 2010.[4]

Regional Development

Over the years he has worked with KENIC, the regulator of the .ke ccTLD, on various issues, including on IPv6 deployment.[5]

He is also leading an initiative to open up Kenya, and all of Africa, to business opportunities through ICT innovation.[6]

He writes on a variety of blogs regarding his advocacy work for IT in Africa.[7]