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'''Allegravita'''是一家提供多学科战略沟通服务的公司,创始人[[Simon Cousins|夏明]]在科技领域和企业信息交流方面拥有27年的工作经验,其总部位于纽约市的麦迪逊大街,办事处分布在北京和香港。Allegravita面向寻求进入中国市场和华语市场的企业和品牌提供相关的专业引导和支持。Allegravita的多学科战略沟通方案涉及的核心领域包括:公共关系、媒体关系和培训、数字化营销和通讯、营销和沟通并行、企业标识和品牌化、广告、活动规划和管理、图形设计以及市场情报和咨询。
'''Allegravita'''或者'''朔光公关战略咨询'''是一家提供多学科战略沟通服务的公司,创始人[[Simon Cousins|夏明]]在科技领域和企业信息交流方面拥有27年的工作经验,其总部位于纽约市的麦迪逊大街,办事处分布在北京和香港。Allegravita面向寻求进入中国市场和华语市场的企业和品牌提供相关的专业引导和支持。Allegravita的多学科战略沟通方案涉及的核心领域包括:公共关系、媒体关系和培训、数字化营销和通讯、营销和沟通并行、企业标识和品牌化、广告、活动规划和管理、图形设计以及市场情报和咨询。

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ICANNWiki Supporting Member
Type: Privately held
Industry: Strategic Communications
Founded: 2013
Founder(s): Simon Cousins, Catherine Davis
Headquarters: New York City
Country: United States
Email: nihao@allegravita.com
Website: Allegravita.com
Blog: Allegravita's Blog
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@simon.cousins
Key People
Simon Cousins (夏明), CEO
Catherine Davis (戴文思), Director
Raymond Li (李睿), CTO
Mitch Watkins(华德勤), Senior Account Manager
Amanda Ng(伍玲仪), Senior Account Manager
Liuliu Xu(徐刘刘), Senior Media Manager


Allegravita is a multi-disciplinary strategic communications firm led by 27-year tech sector and corporate communications veteran Simon Cousins, and is headquartered in New York City’s Madison Avenue, with offices in Beijing and Hong Kong. Allegravita provides expert support for businesses and brands seeking access to China and Chinese-speaking markets.The core disciplines of Allegravita’s multi-disciplinary strategic communications approach includes public relations, media relations and training, digital marketing and communications, marketing and communications collateral, corporate identity and branding, advertising, event planning and management, graphic design, and market intelligence and consulting.


Allegravita was launched in New York City in 2013 following the dissolution of Cousins’ previous firm, Illuminant Partners, which was headquartered in Beijing for 10 years. Under Cousins’ leadership, Illuminant Partners supported more than 150 clients from a multitude of sectors from the tech sector, engineering and architecture, the wine industry, the sports marketing sector, business and finance.


Allegravita has had a diverse range of clients, with a special expertise in the domain name industry. The Chinese domain industry is foreign territory to many western brands. Allegravita provides its deep insight into Chinese culture, consumers, influencers and lifestyles in Chinese demographics around the world. Allegravita has supported a number of companies in the domain name sector. Allegravita also provides pro-bono Chinese language translation support for ICANNwiki, and is a full financial member of the Domain Name Association.

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随着夏明先生上一家公司Illuminant Partners的解散,Allegravita在2013年于纽约市正式成立。Illuminant Partners的总部设立于北京已有十年的历史。在夏明的领导下,Illuminant Partners先后服务过的150多位客户涉及各行各业,其中包括:技术领域、工程和建筑、酿酒业、体育营销领域、商务和金融。



Chinese translation of this page provided thanks to Allegravita LLC.