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Affiliation: ICANN NextGen
Country: Morocco
Email: anass [at]

Anass Sedrati is a Telecommunications engineer with an ongoing interest in Internet Governance. He has combined this professional activity with his personal interests and with online activism in various social media. He is interested especially in issues related to Internet governance and human rights specifically in the MENA region. His participation with ICANN seemingly the next best step, as it is one of the organizations that works over those specific subjects, combining both the technical aspects and governance.

Personal Life

Sedrati has lived in three different countries (Morocco, France and Sweden) and has visited more than 25 countries. He is very involved in Internet-related issues, as he is a frequent user of the internet, and as his country (Morocco) is still undergoing democratization. This means that human rights issues regarding the Internet can happen from time to time. He believes that "aware" young people should contribute to the democratization process.

Outside of ICANN, he considers himself a very sociable person and would like to discover other cultures and languages. Learning about all minorities in the world and their rich cultures is a pleasure for Sedrati.

Sedrati likes to practice sports and has brown belt in 2 martial arts.


Sedrati is studying for a Bachelors in International Relations within MENA region. [1]


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