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|portrait  = AndrewMerriam-Portrait.jpg
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|country    = USA

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Country: USA
Email: andrew [at] tldesign.co
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   [Profile Andrew Merriam]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @andmerriam
Userboxcards.png Featured in the ICANN 48 - Buenos Aires playing card deck

Andrew Merriam was a long-time Editor and Community Manager for ICANNWiki. He continues to find time to help administer ICANNWiki while working on the launch of a number of new TLDs with Top Level Design LLC as its Business Development Coordinator.

Work with ICANNWiki

As Community Manager for ICANNWiki, Andrew worked closely with Vivian Hua and the site's Director, Raymond King, as well as with an international group of writers, to create and edit the content on the site. Andrew attended all ICANN Meetings in order to bolster the website's relationship with ICANN and related communities, to meet members of those communities, and to strengthen his knowledge of all aspects of ICANN.[1]

Andrew received a B.A. in Religious Studies with an emphasis in Studio Art from Lewis & Clark College, in 2010.[2]

Fun Fact

While spending a semester in East Africa, Andrew spent time living with the Hadzabe, a nomadic tribe. This included hunting expeditions. Though he stalked giraffe and watched his guide come very close to downing a zebra, the only thing that was inevitably caught was a rock hyrax. He declined to partake in the stew that was created out of all of its innards.

RockHyrax.jpg Rock Hyrax


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