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Country: Fiji
Email: anjum [at]
   Anju Mangal

Anju Mangal is the Information Specialist at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (PICISOC).[1]

Career History

Anju Mangal has been the Information Specialist at the Land Resources Division in the Secretariat of the Pacific Community. She has contributed toward the progress of the activities in the Land Resources Division, where she is in-charge of training staff in data management and information systems.[2]

She has been the Chairwoman of the PICISOC Women in ICT Special Interest Group.[3] For two years, she served as a board member of PICISOC. She is dedicated to increasing the partcipation of women, youth, and people with disabilities, in ICT.[2]

Ms. Mangal has also been a board member of the United Blind Persons of Fiji and has worked with the IGF Dynamic Coalition for Accessibility, youth and women special interest group.[4] She was a Member of the Interim Special Interest Group related to women’s issues in 2006.[4]

She also regulary participated in APNG Camps. She was a member in the APNG's 10th Camp Team Building Group[5] where she a gave a presentation about "Youth Participation in Bridging the Digital Divide through the use of accessible and appropriate Information and Communication Technology".[6] She also participated in the 12th APNG camp.[7]


Ms. Mangal took the Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme from the DiploFoundation; Priyanthi Daluwatte was her tutor.[8] Ms. Mangal has a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and GIS from the University of the South Pacific, and a Certificate in ESRI ArcGIS from the University of Hawaii. She has recently completed a Masters of Art in Governance from the University of the South Pacific. [2]


In 2007, she did a project "Participatory 3D GIS Modelling Exercise for Resource Use, Development Planning and Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in Fiji", which received the e-culture World Summit Award.