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(Pages to be created/cleaned up + edited: there is an article about additional RPMs, no article about basic ones for new gTLDs)
(To Update)
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===To Update===
===To Update===
* [http://icannwiki.com/Universal_acceptance], add example of Universal Acceptance Outreach letter to Website Administrator (to be taken from UA Steering Workgroup, different languages)
* [http://ariservices.com/news-ari_registry_services_launches_discoverydns.php this], create section on "DNS Services" (avoid marketing feel/spin)
* [http://ariservices.com/news-ari_registry_services_launches_discoverydns.php this], create section on "DNS Services" (avoid marketing feel/spin)
* Consolidate info on [[EmployMedia]]'s new tld apps (ask Ray for details)
* Consolidate info on [[EmployMedia]]'s new tld apps (ask Ray for details)

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Here's an incomplete list of article that need (y)our help!

Community Suggestions

  • Please add your suggestions here!

Pages to be created/cleaned up + edited

To Create

To Update

Major Update

Random Edits

  • Create form letter (answerable) to registries about their TLD
  • Create criteria for TLD registrations (easy, moderate, difficult)
  • Edit Articles Needed
  • Ensure internal links go to specific subsections of article
  • Work on Books and ICANN related sites of interest
  • Drafting team, work team, working group, etc differentiation, possibly on the PDP page?
  • ICANN page needs more info under "structure" re: NomCom, ALAC, GAC (..) & how the SO's report back and are hierarchically structured.
  • Fix up FF, FFWG
  • Alternative Root Server rewrite.
  • Work on most Wanted Pages
  • Alantron - this
  • .ga, this
  • ICANN Academy, see here
  • Create pages for ALL domain extensions (gTLDs and ccTLDs, categorize them as such) (vWorker Project?)
  • Create Pages for past ICANN conferences
  • Edit Pulasthi's old articles
  • Changing over URLs so that they are SEO-friendly, such as Working Groups instead of WG
  • For some of the larger portfolio players it would be nice to see which ones are uncontested and which ones contested
  • Update Playing Cards page to include Toronto and Beijing Deck
  • To RA


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  • Sponsor collapsibility in left-hand menu info here
  • URL Shortening: Yourls, Lifehacker article
  • Add LinkedIn to sidebar under Follow Us
  • possible useful extension to globally replace text [3]

gTLD Coverage Pages

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Articles to Create:


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